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25 Email Marketing Terms Marketers Need to Know


We are surrounded by a social world where we chat with people all across the world. This is done with the help of various platforms. Does that spell the end of email marketing? The answer is “No.” But one thing is sure that every digital strategy’s cornerstone should be to know how to do Email Marketing. Additionally, being aware of important Email Marketing Terms is of equal importance.

email marketing terms

You get an opportunity to advertise your brand and product using Personalized Emails. Engagement, acquisition, retention, direct sales, reactivation, generating traffic, getting referrals are still the results of email marketing strategies. But, to have a significant impact, you need to know how to do email marketing.

Email Marketing Terms

Before you know how to do email marketing, there is a need to know several terms related to the field. Here is a list of few email marketing terms that will enhance your email marketing strategies.

email marketing terms

A/B Split Test

A/B Split Test is one of the tests in email marketing strategies. It allows comparing two versions of the same part of an email to check, which is more likely to generate opens, clicks, and conversions. You can test subject lines, images, copywriting calls-to-action, links, sending time, etc using A/B Split Test.

Bulk Mail

It is an email marketing term that refers to a marketing message sent by a company to multiple recipients. It ensures that your Mass Email Campaign abides by the CAN-SPAM Act.

Newsletters, Promotional Emails, Acquisition Emails, Retention Emails are the types of bulk emails you can send to your subscribers. 

email marketing terms


CAN-SPAM stands for Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing. This Act gives email recipients of the United States a legal right to stop commercial advertisers and solicitors from sending mails. If you’re a US-based brand, consider stopping to mail the recipients who request you to do so, to keep your brand out of trouble.


One of the email marketing terms is DKIM – Domain Keys Identified Mail. It is a form of email authentication that uses “Public-key Cryptography,” verifying that email is from an authorized mail server. You need to add a digital signature to the headers of a mail to make it work.

Email Campaign

A sequence of marketing efforts where the brand contacts multiple recipients at once is an Email Campaign. It is a powerful medium between a company and its target audience. The email campaign is an email marketing strategy sent via email service providers, like Campaign Monitor.

email marketing strategies

Email Scraping

Email Scraping is an answer to how to do email marketing. It is an email marketing strategy that collects high-quality mails. It is software that scans internet web pages, forums, and comment sections faster to collect the maximum possible emails. In short, a fast, effective, and low-cost strategy is Email scraping.

Email Service Providers (ESP)

These are the technology companies that make “Email Lists” and make sending emails more accessible. ESP’s goal includes two things – Store Email Addresses and Send Emails. Companies can maintain subscriber loyalty and nurture their customers using ESP. 

Email Templates

An Email Template is an email marketing term that allows you to customize the format and text of user’s emails. Templates are the reusable HTML file used to build email campaigns.

how to do email marketing

Grey Mail

It is the spam filtering system. Also, a word that describes unwanted mail from a company or website. Not all recipients find this email spam, some find it very useful. Newsletters, messages from an online service you have signed up for, or the automatic notification from random online services are examples of greymail.


The email marketing term GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. It is a set of new rules that allow EU citizens to have more control over personal information. Basic identity information, web data, health, genetic data, biometric data, sexual orientation are some of the information it protects.

Hard Bounce/Soft Bounce

The two most crucial metrics for email marketing strategies are Hard and Soft Bounce. Sometimes, recipients do not receive the mails from a brand for some permanent reasons, like fake email addresses. These are Hard Bounce Emails.

However, when recipients do not receive the mails from a brand for some temporary reasons, like fake email addresses. Then they are Soft Bounce Emails.

Honey Pot

The email marketing term, the “Honey Pot” is a “Trap.” Some inactive email addresses are set-up to catch the spammers. An address is a spammer if it responds/mails to these addresses. 

email marketing terms

IP Warmup

This process includes adding email volume to a new IP address gradually, over several days and weeks. This is done to establish a positive sending reputation among the mailbox providers and is the IP warmup.

Landing Page

A web page that moves prospects down your sales funnel is a Landing Page. It helps to convert interested candidates into actual customers. Emails are the best ways to increase traffic on the Landing page.  

List Churn

The percentage of email subscribers who leave your email list over an interval of time is an email List Churn. An email list churns in two ways – Transparent Churn and Opaque Churn.

Open Rate

The number of subscribers out of the total subscribers who opened a specified email is the Open Rate. Some marketers consider this the only factor in email marketing, but multiple metrics must be considered to determine the email marketing strategy. An open rate of 23% or higher indicates that you are doing great.

email marketing terms


As a marketer, you invite website visitors to sign up for your email list, convincing them through various strategies. The invitation is Opt-in Email Marketing. It is categorized as – Double Opt-in and Single Opt-in.

Personalized Email

When companies email the subscribers in the email list, that contains relevant offers, ensuring a positive communication experience is known as a Personalized Email. Creating a well-polished customized email is a good email marketing strategy.

Response Rate

The number of visitors who completed your survey out of the sample group’s total number is the Response Rate. A 50% response is a highly excellent average rate. It shows the strong relationship between customer and business.

Rental List

It is a list of prospects or a targeted audience who have opted to receive information about specific subjects. Interests, profession, or demographic information attracts these audiences.

email marketing terms

Sender Score

It is a score out of 100 that ISP assigns to a company that identifies your sender reputation., BarracudaCentral, TrustedSource, and Google Postmaster are some tools that you can use to check the sender score.

Spam Cop

It is a service that reports spam all over the internet. The main aim of Spam Cop is to find the source of unwanted emails.

Signature File

It is an email marketing term that defines a short text file that the mailer appends at the end of an email at the end of a message. It contains information like the sender’s name and address, other text that needs to be delivered repeatedly.

email marketing terms


An important metric of email marketing strategies is SPF that stands for Sender Policy Framework. It is a form of authentication that validates an email to detect forgery and to prevent spam.

White List

It is a list that includes all the approved IP addresses to send an email to a recipient. It is an effective way of telling the recipient that the sender and is safe.

Email marketing is a significant way of reaching your target audience. Using these email marketing terms, you can get the overview and head to the actual email marketing strategies.

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