2D & Text Animation

White Board Video - AdPush

Whiteboard animation videos are a great choice if you are looking for an animation video in budget. The pencil works as magic to tell the story of your brand.

Open Minds Brand Promo

2D Animation with Isometrics gives it a Semi-3D Animation feel. It helps in communicating better with your prospects.

Blue Sky

2D animations is a great tool for your brand to tell stories. It can generate a lot of leads and can play a vital role to educate your customers about your products and services.

Text Animation - Open Minds

Powerful text animation can go a long way. This text animation was created for a UK based client for their Facebook cover. It increased the user engagement substantially.

Text & Element Animation - Luckykicky

Text and element animation with a simple background is a great way to promote your brand/product. It can help you generate leads or get sales.