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Ads for Pinterest – How to Promote Your Products and Attract Customers


ads for pinterest

Pinterest is one of the top shopping platforms for millennials. Also, 35% of Pinterest users earn over $75,000 per year. Yes, you read that right! Therefore, Ads for Pinterest are a fast-pass ticket to attract your customers.

Advertising on Pinterest seeks good results. According to a report, after seeing business content on the site, more than half of Pinterest users made a purchase. If you want to know more about how Ads for Pinterest can benefit your brand truly, you are at the right place.

Advertising on Pinterest 

advertising on pinterest

Pinterest is a colorful platform that you can use for your business. Ads for Pinterest are one of the best ways to promote your brand’s product. For using Pinterest for Marketing, you can use various formats to publish the Ads.

Let’s get started and understand how to advertise your brand’s Products on Pinterest with different forms of Ads. Here is a list of five different Ad formats just for you! Keep reading…..

Standard Pins

Standard Pins are a great and creative way of publishing your Ad on Pinterest. The Standard Pins allow you to share your product and content in a simple Vertical or Square Image. These Ads have a small “Promoted” label, but this label disappears once any user shares or saves them to the board.

The more users save and share your promoted pins, the more your brand gains exposure with no extra cost required. There are some specifications for creating Standard Pins which you need to follow –

  1. File Type:  .PNG or .JPEG
  2. Aspect Ratio: 2:3 (Vertically oriented)
  3. Description Limit: 500 characters
  4. File Size: Max 10MB

Video Pins

Video Pins are the same as Standard Pins. The difference is static image replaces a video. The benefit of using Video Pins is that videos are more engaging for users. According to Pinterest, users are 53% more likely to buy a product after watching a video. Silent videos with text overlays are a great way to keep your audience engaged.

Pinterest offers two ways of creating a Video Pin – Max-width and Standard. Standard Video Pins are of the same size as Standard Pins and cost less than Max-width Video Pins (that spreads to the user’s entire feed).

Below are the specifications for creating a Video Pin –

  • File Type: .mp4, .mov, .m4v
  • Encoding: H.264 or H.265
  • File Size: Max 2GB
  • Video Length: 4 sec – 15 mins (Recommended: 6-15 secs)
  • Aspect Ratio: For Standard Video (Taller than 1.91:1 and Shorter than 1:2) | For Max-width Video [1:1 (Square) or 16.9 (Widescreen)]

Carousel Ads are multiple images (cards) in a single pin. You can use Carousels effectively to showcase the various features of a product. It includes horizontal dots that indicate additional content. Each image in the Carousel can have its title, description, and link to another landing page.

Below are the specifications for creating a Carousel Ad –

  1. Card Count: 2-5 images
  2. File Type: .PNG, .JPEG
  3. File Size: Max 10MB 
  4. Aspect Ratio: 1:1 (Square) or 2:3 (Vertical)

Shopping Pins

Shopping Pins are a perfect format for the audience who love shopping. These pins allow you to promote your products from your catalog that you want to sell out. The key objective of these pins is increasing conversions for your brand. 

You can use these pins to promote fashion products, living room decor, fitness equipment, or anything else your audience is interested in. These pins have indicators that users tap to get product information. Shopping Pins also appear in a user’s home feed, the same way as the Standard Pins do.

App Install Pins

App Install Pins are the action-oriented Ads that you can use to drive customers for app downloads. These pins link to the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Any user who taps this pin can install the connected app without leaving Pinterest. You can provide your customer with the features of the app in the description section.

Promoted App Pins are for mobile advertisements. Your images or videos for the App Install Pins must showcase the significant attributes of the app. It will help the user to know why they should use your app.

Story Pins

Story Pins are work-in-progress Ads that are available to limited people. If you are a U.S. resident, you can request Story Pins access by filling a form. You will get a response from Pinterest usually within 5-7 days if your request gets approved.

You can use these Story Pins to record multiple images and videos, lists, and custom text, all in a single Ad. They stay on your boards after you publish them.

Specifications of Story Pins –

  1. File Type:  .BMP, .JPEG, .PNG, .TIFF, .WEBP, .MP4, .MOV, .M4V
  2. File Size: Android and iOS – 16MB | Web – Max 32MB for images and 50MB for videos
  3. Encoding: H.264 or H.265
  4. Aspect Ratio: 9:16 (There are no restrictions for image or video)
  5. Resolution: 1080×1920 pixel 
  6. Video Length: 1-60 seconds

How to Attract Customers

using pinterest for marketing

Using Pinterest for Marketing to attract customers can be a challenging task. Creating Ads for Pinterest is a solution, but there are a few tips you must know of and remember. Have a look at them yourself –

  1. Reply to your Customer’s Comments.
  2. Comment on your Follower’s Pins.
  3. Follow and Engage with Popular Boards.
  4. Invite Others to Pin on your Boards.
  5. Find your Customers from other Social Media Platforms, and Connect with them.

Using Pinterest for Marketing is an excellent plan to maximize your reach and increase your sales. You can use different types of Ads for Pinterest Marketing to achieve your goals. Always keep yourself updated and know about the newest trends that your brand can follow to be a step ahead of the competition. If you don’t have the bandwidth to invest time in such activities, employing someone with expertise will be a smart choice.

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