best telemarketing tips

Best Telemarketing Tips – The Complete Guide


Telemarketing can be one of the most strenuous jobs you might ever have. Nevertheless, contacting potential leads over the phone can be very tiring and intimidating in any industry. However, you can still make your job easy by having a correct approach towards your prospects. Read this article to have an overview of the best telemarketing tips to deal with your prospective clients.

10 Best Telemarketing Tips

best telemarketing tips

Telemarketing is a form of marketing of goods and services that allows companies to connect with potential customers via telephone. It ensures a more interactive and personal sale service. It also helps you create an immediate rapport with your customers. But most telemarketers are unaware of some of the best telemarketing tips and tricks. Those crucial tips for telemarketing can do wonders for your business. Here are ten top tips for telemarketing to take your telemarketing business up a notch. Dive in and explore!

Have a Plan

Before starting telemarketing, ensure you are approaching the correct person. Collect the vital information and keep the script ready to handle all possible scenarios. Keep your objective clear in mind.

Have a Conversation

Don’t just speak but also listen to your customer. Address them by their first name. Often Telemarketers just put forward their opinion resulting in them sounding wholly artificial and not leaving a favorable impression. Take notes as to what they have to say so that you can provide relevant data to them.

Don’t Sound like a Telemarketer

tips for telemarketing

Effective Telemarketers sound comfortable and confident and use natural language. Customers don’t respond to stiffness and scripted calls. Smile while talking. Your voice reflects your smile, and it assures the customer a positive feeling. Maintain a natural tone and remain confident. Make sure you neither sound weak nor robotic.

Do Not Assume

Do not make assumptions of any kind. Telemarketers often interrupt their customers, which embarks a negative impression on them. Don’t complete your client’s sentences as you can finish the sentence differently, making it a whole new topic. This behavior is not encouraged by many people.

Target Approach

Do not describe your policy vaguely. Be direct. You’ve called to talk about your product, so don’t be shy. Explain the vitality of your product or service. Never go off-topic. Stay focused. Tell your customers how they are benefiting using the following lines –

– ‘This is one of the last ones available at this price.’
– ‘There’s a limited amount of time on this offer, I don’t want you to miss out on this opportunity.’

Ask Engaging Questions

tips for telemarketing

Make sure you don’t bore them. Keep asking questions like – 

1. “Do you have any questions till now?” 
2. How does that sound?
3. So what do you think of that?
4. Do you have any queries about what we’ve discussed so far?
5. Shall we set a date to discuss this further?

These factors ensure a better interaction.

Monitor the Rate at which You Speak

When you are selling your scheme/product, it is highly essential to make the person at the other end understand your sentences. Speak at a pace to help them catch and understand the words correctly, especially when explaining the product attributes. You may know the details and technical specifications of your products, but your customers don’t. People tend to forget what you are speaking. Keep on emphasizing the key points.

Always take Actions on Your Calls

While telling them about your policies, send them the brochures. If you say you’re going to send them some marketing material – send it right there and then. Never leave it for later. If you waste somebody’s time or leave them dangling or keep waiting for your calls, they won’t be inclined to buy your product. Always take into account that your client may not be that patient. You might use lines such as: ‘I’ll send the details to you now, and you can contact me later. How does that sound?’

Prepare Yourself for Objections

best telemarketing tips

You’ll get blocked by gatekeepers and by decision-makers that won’t want your services. Work out the common objections and prepare answers as far as possible. Oppositions shouldn’t be a surprise. However, selling a product involves convincing skills so take time to explain how your brand stands apart.

End the Call Politely

Always begin and end your call on a positive note. Sum up confidently with lines like –

1. ‘Well, thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me.’
2. ‘Thank you very much for your time. I think you’ve made a great decision.’
3. ‘I’ll be in touch very soon; it’s been great talking to you.’

In this way, even if they reject you, the offer remains open for the future. Also, ask why they couldn’t accept the offer. After hearing their excuse, you might have a comeback that turns the events in your favor. Don’t leave that opportunity.

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