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Content for SEO – What to do when Content Fails


According to McKinsey & Company, 3 C’s – Consistency, Consistency, and Consistency, defines customer satisfaction. It is interesting to know that 60% of Marketers create at least one piece of content each day. Also, 42% of B2B Marketers believe the Content for SEO is effective. But, does all content that gets published receive success? And, if not, then does that mean content fails? And, if it fails, then what to do? 

content for SEO

You will get all your answers. Any Digital Marketer will ensure that their marketing campaign has good quality, unique content, but it may not get the desired results sometimes. The reason may be a disconnection between – Who you think you are marketing to and who your actual potential customers are. So, let’s talk about what might be the reasons for the failure.

What is Content for SEO and How can you create One?

Before we begin to know why content fails, let’s understand some basic terms first. Content for SEO is any content that is created with the primary goal of attracting search engine traffic. To make your content SEO friendly, you need to ensure that you do the following:

Keyword Research and Optimization

When people search for any information on the web, they either use short-tail keywords or long-tail keywords. So, if you fail to do your keyword research before you start writing your content, you are doing a grave mistake. Yes, you read that right. A variety of keyword research tools are available online that will make your work easier. Use those tools to find the right keywords with already existing search volumes and ace the game.

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Once you are done with the research, figure out where and how you will use the keywords. Ideally, your focus keyphrase should be included in the blog title, introduction, in between the content, meta title, meta description, and so on. However, do not overstuff your informative piece with keywords as it is not beneficial.

Content Organization and Promotion

The content published on your site must be organized in a logical way. Why? So that the visitors on your site get the information that they are looking for and also get other related content. This way they will tend to stay longer on your site and this practice is also good for SEO.

content for SEO

To increase the visibility of your newly published content, use various platforms available online to get the work done. Employ the social networks and start building links (internal and external) for your content to further strengthen SEO strategy.

Why does Content Fail

Now that you know how to create Content for SEO, let’s proceed ahead without a further delay.

content for SEO

Shockingly, only 9% of B2B Marketers rate their brands as very effective at content marketing. And that brings us to highlight some reasons why companies may be failing at this practice. Discover some of the reasons below yourself:

  1. You may lack in making a good strategy. Research is essential and will take you ahead in the long run. Observing the failures and successes of other brands will help you build an effective digital content marketing strategy.
  2. Your content for SEO may seem too dull. You must produce engaging content to get success. Write about the topics that are important or trending, depending on your industry niche.
  3. You have got unrealistic expectations. Yes, we have heard about content getting viral within a week. But, this might not be your case. 
  4. You might be creating useful content but may lack somewhere in the promotion.
  5. Impatience is overpowering you. You need to understand that creating, promoting, and reaching an audience is a long term game and takes time.

What to do to Fix it?

content for SEO

Most marketers shrug their shoulders and move onto the next piece in their busy editorial calendars if a post underperforms. But is it right to give up like this?

The straightforward answer is a No, as it is not the right way to take things. Do not worry if you do not know what to do. We are here to solve your problems. The tips mentioned further can help you deal with the failure. Let’s get started!

Re-evaluate your Content

Before you start working on the same article, analyze your failed content. Pull out its –

  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Improvements required
  • Ratings
content for SEO

Now, you are ready to write. Plan your content with the best digital content marketing strategies you can think of. Take feedback from experts on the planning. Understanding how outside influences affected your campaign will help you deal with future problems in your next campaign.

Optimize your Content using Stories

Using storytelling in your content makes it more appealing to your audience. Strip it right back and start to think about that hook or that angle around which your whole article is revolving. Think:

  1. If you can form that sentence in one line
  2. If you can elaborate this sentence with an example, i.e., story
content for SEO

Always remember, the more accurate and interesting you are, the more audience you attract. Build your content in a unique way so that people remember and relate to your brand.

Do not stop researching from time to time to know more about how to use storytelling effectively. You will benefit from this practice in the long run.

Consider using Content Marketing Services

The content is not at fault each time. You may write an excellent piece but if you are not aware of the right SEO tactics, you may go wrong there. So now the question is – What should be done? Here are a few more things you can consider doing:

content marketing services

Take Expert’s Advice: Establish a reliable network of experienced professionals whom you can ask directly for feedback on your ideas. Experts can tell you the areas of improvement you need to focus on. Having such connections will benefit you in different ways throughout.

Time to Publish: The time of relaunching is one thing that you should consider at any cost. Publishing content on awareness days, holidays, world events may help you get success. Why not publish at the right time rather than any other time!

Perform Small Tests: Before you publish your content on the website, test your content. Focus on small groups to perform these tests. Doing this will make you clear which content will grab the audience’s attention. Trial and error strategy can do wonders and help you understand things better and get rid of unwanted mistakes at the later stage.

Digital Content Marketing is a long-term game that tests your patience. But, if you even fail, start again. There is never an end. Just keep in mind some points, and you are ready to start over.

This was just a glimpse of what can be done to avoid your content from failing. However, there are a lot of other things to learn. To help your brand improve and to take it to newer heights, UNV Digital is ready to help and serve!

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