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What is the importance of business continuity and disaster recovery in cyber security?

With such great advancements in the field of technology, businesses as well as individuals are more prone to Cyber attacks. Therefore, protecting your system and/or information has become more of a necessity. While implementing cyber security for your IT, you need to make sure that Disasters don’t cause outages or stoppages in the daily functioning of your business.

High Availability and Business Continuity is of great importance in Cyber

Security because you cannot afford even a small mistake when it comes to the safety of your IT.

To know the difference between Business Continuity and High Availability, click on the link below:

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Where can I find a free eBook on SPSS, SAP and SAS?

I’ve found a great e-book which can be of great help for you. This e-book gives you five of the most effective, tried and tested ways to protect your SAP System. You can just click on the link below and scroll down to the bottom section & fill in the details. Immediately, you’ll receive the e-book in your mail box. Here’s the link to the book:


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