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Google Featured Snippets: Effective Tips to Optimize Snippets


Do you prefer getting higher ranks without the hassle of internal linking? Well, Google featured snippets is the way! Read the following section to know how to optimize for best snippets effectively. 

google featured snippets

Today, it’s quite challenging for websites to get referral traffic from Google. It’s not just because the competition has increased. Google has built up new methods to present data to their users beyond the limitations of blue links. And you have to optimize your content for the same. Google featured snippets are a new way to adapt to. It is also considered as a quick way of representing your content’s crucial data. 

google featured snippets

Google Featured snippets are a quick way to answer the searcher’s quest. These are short snippets of text that appear on the top of Google search results. The content of these snippets is automatically picked out from the webpages.  

Before understanding how to optimize for the best snippets, let’s first know the featured snippet example. 

There are Five common types of featured snippets offered by Google:

  • List
  • Paragraph
  • Table
  • Video
  • Accordion
featured snippet example

Paragraphs and Lists are the most common types. We can get even get Lists in numerical or bullet form. 

Video is an exciting type of snippets that brings you a small section of the video that Google thinks can answer your query. 

In the Accordion type, links of websites are not visible until the user expands any boxes. 

What are the Effective Ways to Optimize to get the Best Snippets?

Choose the Right Keywords

optimize for best snippets

Selecting the correct keywords is one of the essential strategies to get better rankings. Featured snippets have the way for you. The more words in the keyword, the more are the chances of higher SERPs. Research shows that long-tail keywords have a 17% chance of having featured snippets.

The best way to get the right keyword is by asking the questions as per your audience’s intent. But, don’t think that it is impossible to get featured snippets for short keywords. It’s just that the longer ones can bring more valuable customers to you as they are more specific. 

Increase the Strength of Questions

optimize for best snippets

You cannot simply rely on your customers to put the exact keywords. Featured snippets pop up depending upon the kind of question asked in the search bar. It is best to use the “Why”, “Where”, “Can” type questions.

The Keyword tool by SEMrush can help you find the most relevant long-tail keywords. Once you get the right set of keywords, what is left is only the content composition surrounding that specific keyword. Now it is totally up to you to create single or multiple contents to answer the same question.

Have the Best Format for Your Snippets

optimize for best snippets

The formats for featured snippets are paragraphs, lists, tables, and videos. Your snippets must be easy to figure out for the users. Because snippets are user-friendly, they are also helpful for the speed-readers.

Google uses image algorithms to decide the image to show in their featured results (when it comes to images.) How to bring your images to the featured section? On average, the graphics are 159 pixels tall and 197 pixels wide, i.e., approximately 160 x 200 px. images get featured.

featured snippet example

A content hub is built when you use subfolders to arrange pages for specific keywords. The purpose is to create a featured snippet hub from the content of a selected subfolder. It is possible to create a snippet hub by answering many questions in a single content. You can present the information in as many ways as possible: 

  • Quick Paragraphs
  • Lists
  • Tables
  • Videos, and more. 

You might be thinking about the benefits of adopting such an elaborate process. Here are the benefits:

  • You can earn multiple featured snippets.
  • It can make your content clear to study.
  • Engages the reader with digestible data. 

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