how to reduce google adwords cost

How to Reduce Google AdWords Cost – 5 Best Tips


As per the conventional idea, the more you spend, the more profit you get. But is it true every time? Want to know how you can stop wasting money on Google Ads? Yes, you read that right. It is possible to have low cost Google Ads. The following article will help you know how to reduce Google AdWords cost to have affordable Google Advertising. 

low cost google ads

Google Ads is one of the most dominant ways to draw relevant customers to your business. Knowing how to reduce Google AdWords cost is crucial as it can work better than SEO. You surely wouldn’t want to lose out on how you can get affordable Google Advertising. Budget is always of prime importance because let’s accept it, you primarily chase money in any business. Let’s explore how you can get low cost Google Ads. 

How to Reduce Google AdWords Cost

Why is Google AdWords Important for Your Online Success?

AdWords is an effective and simple tool that allows you to use images and text to reach a highly specific audience. You can make your Ads appear in the search results when a user searches for certain words. It is one of the most certified ways to get your company listed in the top search results for specific keywords. 

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Let’s now see how to reduce Google AdWords cost to have cost-efficient ways for your Google Ads.

Tips to get Low Cost Google Ads

Check your Bids Periodically

Bids make the foundation of your Google Ads. Managing the price to show one of your Ads for a particular keyword will deliver a significant improvement overnight. You must know your target CPCs or the Return On Ad Spend for a fair bid adjustment. This allows you to focus on areas that are performing well and the ones underperforming. Bid modifiers are the adjustments that you can make to your Google Ads Campaigns: 

  • Time/Day: Modify bids based on the hour of the day and days of the week
  • Modifications based on Device: Adjust your bids as per the performance of various devices
  • Geo: Modify your bids as per the performance of different locations

Improve Your Quality Score

how to reduce google adwords cost

The Quality Score defines the quality of your Ads, Landing Pages, and Keywords. High-quality Ads can reach better Ad positions at low prices. The score is measured between 1-10. Ten is the highest, and one is the lowest. Quality Score is one of the best ways to lower down your Google Ads costs. It can make a moving difference in your expenses, especially when your average score moves from 1-3 to 7-10. You can start by inspecting the factor causing a low-quality score. 

Enhance Your Conversion Rates

Your AdWords Conversion Rate measures the success of your Google Ads. Improving your Quality Score improves Conversion Rate automatically. It helps lower down Cost Per Clicks (CPCs) of your campaigns. In this way, you get the opportunity of presenting Ads in front of a larger audience on the same budget. The best ways to improve Conversion Rates are:

  • Focusing on Right Keywords
  • Improving your Landing Page Experience
  • Having an Organized AdWords Profile
  • Organizing your Ad Groups

Analyze the Performance of Your Ads

how to reduce google adwords cost

Ads are the first interaction between your users and your business. They make the first impression, and, therefore, it is essential to find which Ads are performing the best. You can employ two Ads as part of each campaign to decide which is doing better. A regular check gradually increases your conversion rates and, therefore, lower the cost per click. 

Keep an Eye on Broad Match Keywords

Broad keywords are generic variants of exact match keywords and phrases. You must see your broad match keyword’s performance to check if they are reaching your business goals. Regular analysis of search terms ensures their relevancy for your product and services. It’s good to have a close eye on your keyword’s match type’s overall execution to know if your strategies are working. 

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