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Travelex is one of the biggest firms in the UK with hundreds and thousands of people using it daily. However, due to some significant ransomware attacks, Travelex had to take down their company website temporarily, which caused them enormous losses.

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If you are using a cloud to store all your data, you will never have to be worried about running out of space. You have the option to expand your storage capacity as per your needs. This is a significant advantage of cloud computing which helps the organisations to cut the costs of increasing their physical storage infrastructure.

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Building Management Systems help in maintaining and monitoring the basic yet vital functions of the building. These functions include ventilation, power flow, lighting, and so on. Having a strict control over this and 24×7 monitoring is important to keep your building safe.

This week, we will be talking about the redundancy of BMS in Prisons and Government. An efficient BMS enables the prisons and the government offices to work in a very organised manner with continuous monitoring.

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1] BMS redundancy in Prisons

2] BMS redundancy in Government

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