importance of SEO

Importance of SEO and Basics You Need to Know


  Before the arrival of the internet, people seeking business used phone books, billboards and print ads. All of these marketing venues altogether have different advantages. However, it’s impractical to ignore the fact that most of the customers would look for you online. So, to drive more business to any site, one must learn to use search engines and understand the importance of SEO.

What is the Importance of SEO?

  Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of building up the quality and quantity of a website’s traffic by increasing it’s visibility to the users of a web search engine. There has been an ever-increasing competition between the brands to rank better on the Search Engine results. Therefore, understanding the importance of SEO and optimizing it for a better value is crucial.

How Search Engines use SEO

Importance of SEO

  All the well-established search engines, like, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, etc. display and rank the web pages and local content. Search Engines help in determining these results by analyzing the value that the content will provide to the audience. You can leverage SEO and use some SEO tips to drive more relevant traffic, sales, leads and ultimately profit and revenue for your business.

Beginner’s Guide to SEO

  If you are a beginner, at first, you should know what search engine optimization is, and why it matters. To start yourself off right, refer to our guide which includes all need-to-know basics of SEO. The foundation of an excellent SEO begins with establishing crawl accessibility and moves upwards from there.

  Our Beginner’s Guide to SEO to commence the process:

  1. SEO 101: Try to understand – the basics of SEO and importance of SEO
  2. Learn how the search engines work (Crawling, indexing and ranking)
  3. Learn how to do a Keyword search (It will help you understand what your audience wants)
  4. Learn how to use On-site optimization to craft your message
  5. Get an insight into basic Technical SEO knowledge, to begin with
  6. Refer to Link Building and establishing Authority guidelines
  7. Learn how to measure, prioritize, and execute SEO 

    SEO friendly blogs are a great way to boost your SEO, you can check our SEO friendly blog samples to understand more.

  Following is the list of some crucial factors which will help you get an in-depth understanding of SEO basics: 

Quality of Traffic

  Attracting visitors who will be genuinely interested in your product should be the central vision of the optimization process. Someone can easily create a website by the name ‘Apple’ to attract people. Their website might also succeed in making us believe at the first glance that they are dealing with products from Apple. However, the reality might be different. They might just be selling apples! 

  So, you should avoid this tactic of just attracting people to increase your website traffic. A smart choice will be to understand the importance of SEO first and then use some great SEO tips to succeed. It would be best if you primarily drive them to your website, to provide them with quality content. It will undoubtedly alleviate the quality of traffic that flows onto your website.

Quantity of Traffic

  Once you are sure that the traffic coming onto your website is genuine, work on increasing the traffic inflow. Run ads for the content on your website and promote it rigorously to reach out to a broader audience. Refer to some SEO tips implemented by the experts in the market and you’re good to go.

Organic Results

  Organic Search Results are the search results which are displayed after a user’s search on the basis of SEO. Organic results are paid and are usually time-consuming. So, to get your content’s organic ranking up, you must focus on the betterment of your SEO optimization skills.

Importance of SEO and How does it Work?

  Every Search Engine that you use has a crawler. This crawler goes out on the web and gathers information about everything which can be found on the internet. After this, the crawler sends all the collected data back within the Search Engine for building an index.

  This newly created index is then fed through an algorithm, which attempts to match all the data with your content. This is how SEO functions!

SEO can be broadly classified into two sections – Organic SEO and Non-Organic SEO.

  Let us see what these mean in detail:

Organic SEO

  Organic SEO is also known as Natural SEO. It is an unpaid method of generating traffic and can attract about 80% of the traffic to your sites. Organic SEO is wholly based on content quality and the use of keywords.

  If everything is executed appropriately, the results which you will get will be long-lasting and free. The only drawback is that the results cannot be seen immediately, it takes a considerable time to reflect.

Non-Organic SEO

  Non-organic SEO is also referred to as Artificial/Paid SEO. Here, the results are quicker, and you will be able to see fast growth in your initial ranking and placement. The main focus of Non-Organic SEO is on Search Engine Marketing, i.e. SEM. This method mainly involves paid advertising, paid affiliate marketing, pay-per-click advertising, and much more.

  A significant drawback of this tactic is that it can get expensive if used for an extended time. Moreover, the results are not very long-lasting. However, the results of this type of SEO are speedy.

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