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Email Marketing Campaign – How to Write the Best Festive/Holiday Email Marketing Content


Festivities or holidays are the best times to create offers for your audiences. Adopting holiday email marketing as your Email Marketing Campaign strategy is a perfect way to gather interest and boost sales. It’s never late to invest in the special time of the year to capture revenues. Email Marketing Content allows you to reach your target audience, subscribers, or customers. Therefore, Email Marketing Strategies can prove to be a well-targeted way of generating leads. 

Email Marketing Campaign is a hot choice for holiday marketing operations because of its strong ROI. Growing dependence on e-Commerce shopping has turned emails into great designs of promotions and marketing. What is needed is to have the best Email Marketing Content to sell your services effectively. 

What makes Email the Best Holiday Marketing Tool?

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No matter what course of the year it is, holidays present an exceptional possibility of reaching out. Let us look at the exciting benefits emails have to offer by promoting the value of your product. 

Emails Suit Best for the Mobile-savvy World

Your subscribers mostly rely on tablets or smartphones for all sorts of information. Data shows the number of consumers doing holiday shopping on their mobile phones is increasing rapidly. According to Castor’s report, purchase made through mobiles has scaled up from 3.4% to 36.7%. So, why are you thinking more? Keep your customers up to date with mobile-friendly email templates during festive and holiday seasons. 

Emails Grant Instant Buying Options

41% of retailers offer “Buy Now” options in their holiday emails, making it easier for their subscribers to make purchases. You can even highlight a special offer, a gift, or an event using a call to action button in your emails. Speeding up your customer’s holiday shopping will give them better UX and thus benefit your business. 

Emails can Maintain all Your Campaigns 

You can use emails to promote sales, show unique gifts, invite subscribers, etc. It lets brands reach out to their customers routinely, which stimulates their sales throughout the season. Emails can even spur other marketing campaigns, like social media contests, reward programs, and sales. 

How to Write Irresistible Email Marketing Content for Your Email Marketing Campaign

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The following writing strategies can influence your Email Marketing Campaign to gain more valued future customers. Here’s the list to follow!

Use Exciting Words

Some words grab more attention than others. While composing your subject lines, you can use the following terms –

  • For Timeliness: Limited-time, today-only, last minute, order now, open now exclusive
  • Sales-driven: Discount, savings, free shipping, promotion, hot deal
  • Holiday: Season’s Greetings, good cheer, amazing deals for any festivities
  • Words of Gratitude: Appreciation, thank you, your support

Employ Personalized Subject Lines

Emails with personalized subject lines have 26% better chances to get opened. So, adding your subscriber’s first name in the subject lines of your festive emails is worth your time. But you should also look out for other ways of personalizing your campaigns to provide the best user experience. You can employ behavioral data based on the kinds of consumers connected with your brand. 

Consider Adding Emojis 

An emoji is an excellent eye-catching way of giving some holiday or festive vibes to your emails. With emojis in the subject lines, brands have seen a 45% rise in their open rates. 

Ask Questions 

Questions make an engaging part of any content, making them great for subject lines. You can try something like, “Want some gift ideas?” or ” Want gifts delivered to your doorsteps?”. Turning your inside content into a question is a beneficial idea for your holiday emails. 

Place Your Offers Front and Center

Featuring your offers prominently in the subject lines is a good way to capture your audience’s attention. This strategy gets them to open and read your emails. Offering free shipping also marks a good start as 74% of customers find free shipping as the most important feature while checking out products online. 

This was just a sneak peek of how you can strategize a result-driven Email Marketing Campaign. To get more insights into how you can get excellent Email Marketing Content, reach out to our Experts!

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