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8 Effective Google Chrome Plugins to Make Your Email Amazing


We all appreciate convenience in everything that we do. The same thinking goes for your workplace as well right? Technology has increased the workload vastly, but, interestingly, the same technology can even give you a constructive way to enhance your efforts. Management is the key through which your efforts get converted into success. Google Chrome Plugins have a way to enhance Email functionality. You’ll learn more about it as we proceed ahead.

Did you know that US workers invest 28% of their time dealing with emails?

Gmail is one such tool offered by Google that manages most of your routine business. Then, Gmail Plugins indeed will act as icing on the cake. So, here are some Google Chrome Plugins to make your emails amazing.

Google Chrome Plugins for Improving Your Marketing Efforts

How is the Chrome Add On Extension Useful?

Chrome Extension provides plenty of ways to improve Gmail’s capabilities. Moreover, they reduce the time taken with enhanced email productivity. You can find many extensions in your Chrome Web Store to directly impact your Gmail account’s functionality. Not just that! The web store even makes it easy to Add/ Remove extensions. 

Just for you, here’s a list of 8 fantastic Google Chrome Plugins to make your emails amazing and improve your marketing by multiple folds.

Google Chrome Plugins to Keep You One Step Ahead in Email Management


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You can use this plugin to control how to handle the messages that you receive. It manages to deal with your Gmail messages in time. It also pulls out the emails of later due date from your inbox and sets reminders to recall you when the handling is required. Its AI feature assists in writing better emails. 


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Clearbit can find the correct contact information for you. You need to enter the company’s name and position you are looking for. It ensures your email reaches the targeted destination. This tool can even help you find more information about the sender of the message. It provides quick delivery of its services. 


Google chrome plugins to make your email amazing

This tool is useful for professionals who largely depend on Slack and emails for their communication. Slack for Gmail allows you to send emails to Slack directly from your Gmail account. You can save time by quickly sending attachments to the right recipient without leaving your inbox. 


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Zoom for Gmail allows you to collaborate with your coworkers directly from your Gmail base through video calling. You can schedule a new meeting and keep track of upcoming meetings to benefit from a high-quality conference. It just requires a Zoom account to attend your webinars and calls. 


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Do you put effort to enquire whether your client got the email you sent? Other than contacting, there is no way to know about it. Bananatag shows you the way. You can see when the email is opened through a notification. It serves as a useful email marketing tool with an additional feature of scheduling emails.


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SaneBox helps you with the layout of your messages. Less significant emails shifts to the SaneBox folder and important ones remain in your inbox. You get updates about the left emails so that you can decide what to do with them later. Folders, once made, can be sorted according to their importance. 


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Gmelius adds various features to Gmail and makes addition to its privacy. It blocks and detects email tracking. Some email services make your activity visible to your contacts. With Gmelius, you can improve Gmail’s functionality and preserve privacy. Also, it allows you to categorize emails with hashtags and search messages from the Chrome address bar. 


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Your Gmail messages must be clear and free from errors. Grammarly is a famous grammar and spelling check tool. Adding this extension to your Gmail can check the composition of your writing anywhere online. Sending an email with mistakes to any client is professionally disastrous. 

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