tips for writing a creative blog

10 Best Tips for Writing a Creative Blog – A Complete Guide


Have you ever read a great blog that got stuck in your head? Are you wondering how to write a creative blog that makes an impact? Most of the people who visit your blog post often leave without reading it all the way through. You merely have a few seconds to grab your audience’s attention, convince them to click, and read your entire blog post. Well, leave your worries as UNV Digital is here to your aid. We will guide you about how to captivate people through blogs.

Below are some amazing tips for writing a creative blog. Give a quick read!

10 Expert Tips for Writing a Creative Blog

tips for writing a creative blog

If you think that writing a captivating blog post solely means using the correct words, you’re mistaken. There are a lot of vital factors that contribute to making your blog post a success. This article will highlight the top ten tips for writing a creative blog. Keep reading…..

Know Your Audience

Before you start writing any blog, you must know who your audience is and what they are looking for. Instead of guessing about your audience’s needs or wants, try to make data-driven decisions by doing industry research and competitor analysis. There is an ocean full of resources available that you can use to make your blogs interesting. Some of them are Quora,, Twitter Advanced Search, etc. 

Choose a Good Topic

There is an old saying that “No fun for the writer, no fun for the reader.” It is essential to choose the topic of your interests. Nothing can kill a blog more drastically than a lack of enthusiasm from the blogger. Choose a topic you would want to read about. It will inspire and help you to become more creative.

Do a Proper Research

tips for writing a creative blog

After choosing an appropriate topic, make sure that you include all the essential facts. You may not know everything about all the cases. Many times you wouldn’t even have heard of it. But it doesn’t imply that you are an insincere faker.

To write authoritatively about new subjects, you should know how to research a blog post correctly. It is your curiosity that will make your write-up interesting. You will come up with something fresh.

Choose authoritative sources. Official associations, government websites, heavily cited research papers are good examples. Nobody is right all the time. So, approach every source with a Journalist’s practiced skepticism and question everything until you’re positive that your information is factual.

Hook Your Readers with an Engaging Opening

“Well begun is half done.” If you can engage your readers with an appealing opening, consider that half your work is done. If your introduction is boring, people won’t even bother to read the rest of the blog. Many Content Writers find it easier to write the blog post’s body first and save writing the introduction for last.

An excellent way to write a fantastic introduction is to ask a question addressing the reader’s problem. After that, you can give them an easy solution to their problem by asking them to read your blog. This technique is brilliant for grabbing your reader’s attention. They will want to read it till the end in the hope of finding the solution.

Write as You Talk

Don’t worry about writing in a fancy way, using big words. It would be best if you used the simple words which you use while talking. This does not mean that you completely forget about the style and tone of your writing. Writing like you are talking to your reader can make them feel like they’re having a conversation with someone, rather than reading a simple blog post.

Your readers will connect to you. They will feel like you’re talking to them to help them resolve their problems and as if you can relate to them. This type of communication is exceptionally healthy for building a loyal readership.

Use Compelling Headings and Ensure Perfect Text Formatting

tips for writing a creative blog

We judge a blog by its title like we judge a book by its cover. Hence your blog post title is vital for the success of that article. Formatting is essential for any piece of write-up. There’s nothing worse than reading a blog post that’s just one giant paragraph with no bullet points or indentation. Break up your article into subheadings. Avoid the repetition of your words or ideas and you’ll be good to go.

Use Visuals

A simple image can make a boring post much more fun. What you fail to explain in words, it can be done with just a single photo. Also, it breaks the monotony of words and offers a refreshing visual break to the reader, keeping them engaged for longer. Images also help your blog post flow more effectively. They make great visual punchlines and make complex topics more readily understandable.

Include a Clear Call to Action (CTA)

Whether it’s to ask your readers to like your content, share your blog post, leave a comment, follow you on social media, or purchase your product, make sure you clearly state what you’d like them to do. A Compelling Call to Action is something that’s easily distinguishable and stands out. Usually, the Call to Action will ask readers to share the content if they liked what they read for your blog posts. You can include something like this – “To know more about how we can help your brand, get in touch with us today or click here and schedule an appointment now.”

Optimize Your Blogs for SEO

how to write a creative blog

If you are confident that you know how to write a good blog post, but it doesn’t get any traffic, you’re missing a significant step. You need to add a title with keywords in it. Your blog also needs to have more than 350 words, at least. Also, the images in your post need to be appropriately optimized too. Please make sure they’re of the right size and have a captivating punchline.

Publish at the Right Time

The final step is to read out your blog post aloud. You can use websites like “Natural Readers” to understand the flow of your content. This website helps you identify mistakes and lets you rectify them before you publish the article. Hit publish at a peak time.

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